Deferred Payments

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Deferred Payments

We can help you arrange for deferred payments. Please contact us for more
information, of read the following FAQ’s…

How do I obtain a copy of a deferred payment statement?

Current statements will no longer be faxed out in duplication of those already posted. Copies of historic statements can be posted out upon receipt of a written request received on your organisations letterhead. Please fax your request to 09 359 6604 or post to Box 29, Auckland.

How do I find out the duty/GST split on the deferred payment statement?

Phone the National Call Centre (NCC) on 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428786).

How do I reconcile incorrect debits that appear on the deferred payment statement?

Please refer to your customs broker to request cancellation of the relevant entry from your account. to ensure that the amount is not direct debited from your bank account, please contact the National Credit Control Unit (NCCU) on 09 359 6655 for assistance.

How can I confirm an account balance?

Advice concerning account balances can be obtained at any time of the billing cycle. Please note that the close-off time for the deferred payment statement is 6:00pm on the last day of the month. Therefore any figure obtained before that time may differ from the final figure that appears on the statement. Please contact the NCC on 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428786).

Where can I get information for account reconciliation?

Please refer to your Customs broker for details of any debits that appear on the deferred payment statement, or to provide you with copies of invoices/import entries referred to on the statement. If you cannot obtain this information from your broker, please contact the NCC for assistance on 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428786)

Why is there a direct debit of less than the amount specified on the statement?

These discrepancies occur if your Customs broker has requested that an entry be adjusted. The entry adjustment gives rise to a credit, which appears on the subsequent deferred payment statement, and is taken into account in the current direct debit run. If required, you should request details of any entry cancellations from your Customs broker.

What happens if I change bank accounts?

You must complete a new direct debit form. This form (NZCS 615) is available here. Send the completed original direct debit form to:

  • National Credit Control Unit, New Zealand Customs Service
  • By courier-50 Anzac Avenue, Auckland
  • By post-Box 29, Auckland.

Please note that the banking system will only accept original direct debit forms bearing authorised signatures. Any completed forms that are emailed or faxed will be rejected.

Note: To allow sufficient lead time for the changes to be processed by the NCCU and the bank, the completed form must be received by the NCCU at least 10 working days before the direct debit is due to run.

What can I do about an entry held due to insufficient credit?

Upon request, the import entry can be cleared, provided the amount of additional credit does not excedd 10 percent of the existing credit limit and there are no other queries on the entry. Please contact the NCC on 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428786).

Duty/GST amounts excedding the 10 percent threshold must be settled by way of cash or a company cheque, if acceptable, or a bank cheque. Please contact the NCCU on 09 359 6655.

Can I apply for an increase in credit limit?

Applications must be in writing and can be faxed to 09 359 6604 or posted to Box 29, Auckland. Customs will contact you if evidence of your organisations current financial position is required.

Note: As Customs statements are prepared from information received from the importer and/or broker, they must be read in conjunction with the source of documentation