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Exotic Motor Vehicle Shipping

Whether your vehicle is a 1920s Model A Ford, a new Porsche, or a 30 Motorhome, Aironaut can pack, secure and ship, with the care and responsibility as if it was our very own.

Luxury Vehicle Shipping

Being classic car enthusiasts, we understand the importance of car shipping and the sentimental value placed on your vehicle. Partnering with other car shipping specialists throughout the world, Aironaut make it easy. Our agents understand shipping cars and motorhomes, providing services such as steam cleaning and container load & lashing.

We know which is the best shipping service, route, and transhipment point, best suited to your budget and requirements. Whether on a Flat Rack, RORO (roll-on roll-off), or containerised, let us offer you our knowledge and experience of vehicle shipping to make the best choice for you.

Car shipping with Aironaut saves time and money, as we can offer as much or as little additional services as you require. We can offer Door – Door, Port – Port, or a combination to suit your situation. Just ask us for help.

Motorhomes/RV Shipping

We are experienced at shipping Motorhomes/RV’s into and out of New Zealand to many countries around the world. We work closely with the Automobile Association and use Carnet’s for countries that accept them. Just ask us for advice on any customs or freight questions you may have.

RV shipping

Importing a Vehicle to NZ

  • Cars in NZ are generally more expensive than in the UK, especially European models, which often makes shipping your car worthwhile.
  • All vehicles and paperwork go through a thorough check upon arrival in NZ.
  • This is called Entry Certification. Entry Certification is easier for personal imports.
  • A car qualifies as a personal import if it is owned and used for 12 months prior to shipment. Cars that are not personal imports must be Euro 4 compliant unless they are over 20 years old.
  • Ships sail weekly and take 6–7 weeks to reach NZ. It can take a further 1–2 weeks to import and register a car once it arrives.
  • Costs in NZ to import and register a car are approximately NZ$2,000–2,500.
  • NZ import taxes are: 0% duty on cars + 15% GST on the depreciated vehicle value + the shipping (no GST is payable for cars qualifying as personal imports).
  • The paperwork and procedures may seem complicated but are really quite straightforward, and it is simple to check vehicle compliance with the NZ Automobile Association.

Importing a Vehicle to NZ

To learn more about importing cars into New Zealand, read the “NZ import regulations for Cars” found in our Useful Documents resource

Exotic Motor Vehicle Shipping

Aironaut are experienced air freight and sea freight importers with added expertise in Freight Forwarding and Customs clearance.